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Other Series of Flexible Duct Connector

Fireproof and Shockproof Flexible Joints” are a practical and cost-effective method for connecting air conditioning equipment and ventilation ducts. They are suitable for connections between ventilation ducts or between air conditioning equipment and ventilation ducts, providing an airtight and pressure-resistant flexible connection, effectively eliminating vibrations and isolating noise.

These joints are made of fireproof cloth and perforated metal sheets folded and pressed, ensuring excellent airtightness. The punched metal sheets can be easily folded into the required shape, allowing for convenient and swift installation, replacing traditional canvas flexible joints to save time. They serve as a novel vibration-dampening product for connecting ventilation ducts and fans.

  1. Grey shockproof flexible joints, temperature-resistant up to 70 degrees, specialized for fan coils and air conditioners. One box contains 25 meters.
  2. Grey fiberglass fireproof, heat-resistant up to 280 degrees, specialized for fire-fighting ventilation fans and ducts. One box contains 25 meters.
  3. Red silicone fiberglass fireproof, heat-resistant up to 280 degrees, specialized for fire-fighting ventilation fans and ducts. One box contains 25 meters.

Material: Galvanized sheet silicone cloth / silicone fiberglass cloth / fireproof canvas / PVC cloth
Specifications: Sheet 75mm / Cloth 140mm / Sheet 75mm
Sheet 45mm / Cloth 100mm / Sheet 45mm

Other Series of Flexible Duct Connector

Ring-belt skin
Relative to ordinary. silicone. rubber skin, better strength, can isolate the vibration and reduce noise, can compensate for axial, angular, with no thrust to simplifty the bearing design, high. temperature, muffler dampingand other characteristics, especially suitable for hot air pipes and smoke pipes

Thickness: 1.0-20mm
Width : 1000- 1200mm
Color: red black gray

Flame-retardant sealing tape
The flame retardant sealing belt is a new type of protective curtain, which is made of high temperature and high strength glass fiber, which is processed with thick silicon rubber through special process. Main properties: high temperature, heat insulation insulation, fire and flame retardant, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, climate resistance, high strength, smooth appearance and So on. It has the performance of fire prevention and dustproof. Width: 20 -1200 mm, thickness: 1.5-5.0mmFire protection grade: Standard GB8624 -2006 a – non flammable.

Thickness: 1.5-5.0mm
Width : 20- 1200mm
Color: red black

Non-metallic compensator
lts main material for, fiber woven fabric, rubber, heat-resisting. materials . Able. to compensate for the fans, duct running vibration and pipe deformation. Compensate for axial, angular; with ho thrust,. to simplify the bearing design, Yesistance to corrosion, high’ temperature, muffler damping characteristics, non-metallic compensator especially suitable for hot air pipe and smoke pipes.

Thickness: 1.1/1.3/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm
Width : 1000/1200/1250mm
Color: black

Fan flexible connector
Joints based on performance of soft silicon rubber, PTFE and E-glass. fiber composite materials, good insulation properties of materials such as aluminum silicate fibers, the surface material into the ,production process iS. Soft with universal joints to absorb thermal expansion compensation and promotion of our ability, no anti-thrust, streamline design, with noise isolation resistance, high (low temperature, pressure. resistance, corrosion. resistance, simple structure, fight weight, easy to install maintenance and S0 on.

Thickness: 1.1/1.3/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm
Width : 1000/1200/1250mm
Color: red black gray

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